Did someone say Challenge?

For the next 365 days I plan to post daily pictures of something that made me smile.
I have lots of reasons to smile and I can thank my wonderful Husband and Daughter for that! I can post thousands of pictures and write a million blogs about them but I want dig a little deeper and find beauty in every corner of my life.
Like everyone else my life is not with out its challenges and sometimes I have to remind myself to ''Stop and smell the roses' as the saying goes.
Im just your normal mother and housewife who has found herself caught up in day to day duties and struggles of housewivery? Is that a word? anyway! That is why I chose this subject for my blog. I wont be to posting 'Selfies' non stop and I dont pretend to be a full on photograger. You wont find any pholosophical insights or any political or religeous babble here!
Im sure some days I wont feel like smiling, non the less posting, but I will push through!
Why not post your own reason to smile?
Be it a wonderful view, or a view of a loved ones. Perhaps its a pile of laundry that is nothing to smile about, lets face it, but isn't it still a reason to be thankful for? Thankful for having clothes to wear and wash and thankful for having loved ones to wash them for?!
I think there is beauty all around us and with bit or imagination and persistance we can fill the next 365 days with love.
What made me smile today?
Lets see...
So.. get posting

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kisir Borek Kek = Friends Food and Gossip:)

What a lovely day I had thanks to my friends Asli and Gonul.  We had a 'Typical' Turkish gathering called a Gun. Usually a group of ladies will get together once a week or month or on any agreed upon day and time, usually at someones house. Everyone gets a turn to Host the Gun. The Host usually prepares way too much food and the ladies drink copious amounts of tea. These meetings can also be like small 'informal investment groups'. At each meeting, every participant contributes an agreed upon amount of money or even gold coins. Yes GOLD.

Each participant then gets a lump sum of money every month. Lets say 10 ladies meet every month for 10 months and each time gives 100 TL. Each participant eventually 1000 TL or (10 Gold coins) on hosting the 'Gun'. In South Africa we have something similar. Its called a Stokvel.

Now, when I was living in Istanbul, I was part of this gathering with all my Turkish Family. Cousins, Aunts, Sisters in Law Mothers in Laws, yani, all the Ladies. They all met up once a month, handed over their money or Gold and enjoyed the delicious salads and baked goods, because we were such a large group everyone bought a dish, so the poor host didnt have to spend a week preparing!
The main reason and perhaps the  BEST reason was to catch up this loved ones. An informal family gathering. The gold or money was just an added bonus:) In today's world where life is so rush, rush we often push family to the side. It was refreshing (and quite educational , from a foreigners standpoint ) to be part of this tradition.

I've been in Fethiye for almost a year now, and I had started missing my monthly family get-togethers and mentioned it Asli who immediately put his little Gun together. Not forgetting the essentials Kisir, Borek ad Kek!

Kisir (a yummy mix of  fine Bulgar wheat, salad, greens, sauteed onions and garlic in olive oil, tomato paste and herbs) Everyone has their own way of preparing this salad. Its so light I end up eating way to much of it and get all bloated:)

 Borek (baked, layered finely rolled our yufka with a cheesy filling) Again every woman has a secret to making the best tastiest borek. I must be honest, making Borek is NOT one of my strong suits:)

and Kek (cake!) Every ones favorite! 

Another essential part is the drinking of Turkish Tea and Coffee! And if you are lucky one of your friends read your coffee cup:)

 Thank you Gonul for the wonderful day. Your house is beautiful and I felt really at home with you. The Kids had an awesome time. And of Thank you Asli for making it happen, I'm blessed to have a friend like you X 

Friday, November 18, 2016

An Avocado a Day keeps the Doctor away!

 Avocado must be one of my favorite things! 
Except for Chocolate, its one food I often crave. I'll be eating a normal ol salad and imagine it better with a slice or two of Avo thrown in.

I grew up eating Avos, lots of Avos. We even had Avos growing in the garden They are quite common in South Africa, and they don't cost an arm and a leg as they do here.
They are delicious just the way they are. I could eat them from the skin with just a pinch of salt and pepper, or on a slice of buttered toast... I love them on Pizza's. Its my favorite when I''m back home! Gosh now I'm just about frothing at the mouth for one!
My lovely husband buys me some every now and then when he sees them in the grocery store.

I don't share it with my family anymore as they don't appreciate it! All they do is push it around the plate. Its a waste of perfectly good Avo. They just don't get it!
So my hubby got me this Avo when he wen't shopping over the weekend. I've been waiting for almost a week for this one to get ripe enough to eat. One side wasn't completely ripe but I just couldn't wait any more! I came home from my walk. Starving.
Stella's at school.
Engin's at work... perfect!
I threw the greens into the bowl, lettuce, parsley, roka. Anything I could find. Chopped up some cucumber and tomatoes. A squeeze of lemon juice. Salt, pepper, olive oil. Then I grabbed a fresh green chilli and chopped that in as well. Lastly I roughly chopped in the Avo.
I was impatient now.. I didn't even wait until I got to the table. I ate half of it standing in the kitchen. ThenIi calmed down and sat at the table like a civilized person and finished the whole bowl... I basically gobbled it up without breathing..
It was delicious!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My PRECIOUS Puzzle Ring -

 This is a Puzzle ring. 
I don't know if you have ever seen one before? Anyway they are very intricate 
and they can be tricky if you don't know how to reassemble it if its comes apart 
- which I don't!
Puzzle rings are also knows as Turkish Wedding rings or Harem rings, which I didn't know,  although I've asked many of my Turkish friends to help me re-do mine, and they knew nothing about them let alone that they existed😲
Its supposed to be a symbol of  loyalty. Legend has it that the ring was given as a wedding ring. If a spouse removes it - presumably to cheat on his or her partner, the ring would fall apart. The wronged spouse would then notice the absence of the ring and the cheating spouse would be then caught!
They didn't have reality TV shows like to help catch cheating bastards  in those days people...

Anyway today, as I was cleaning, I found my puzzle ring all tangled up, just lying at the bottom of drawer. No, its not my wedding ring - my husband was one of the Turks who didn't know about them , or so he says... Anyway, so my Mom and I bought these identical rings when she was visiting me in Istanbul, while we went shopping at the Grand Bazaar. These are real Al' Cheapo's, but it was fun and great to have a little bonding with my Mom. Back to my story, I found my ring and now all of a sudden its like it had consumed me. It's was all I could  think about...Putting that back together - PRECIOUS ...
It just wasn't happening. 
I tried every-which way!
I even thought I could get away with wearing it just like that! As you can see, that also wasn't an option!
i went on with my daily routine. I had my coffee on the balcony, I took Stella to school, had my daily walk, halfheartedly did some more housework but still my mind was on my PRECIOUS, I mean, my ring! 

Eventually I had a light-bulb moment and decided to ask Uncle GOOGLE.
I downloaded a diagram for dummies, that was all colour coded and everything. 
It still took me an embarrassing amount of time to put it together😓
I will even admit to childishly throwing it down and having to step away for a minute or two😇

But I persevered! and in between running to the kitchen to stir the sauce for the pasta I'm making for dinner...

I did it! Just like that it all fell into place and now my PRECIOUS ring is good again!

It doesn't fit my ring-finger anymore though. It must  have shrunk in my drawers like my clothes...hmmm

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Beautiful Balcony

 Sitting on my balcony drinking drinking a cup of coffee enjoying the sun and the view!
 The Bougainvilleas grow thrive here and you can see them all around Fethiye. this one has reached all the way to my balcony and I'm on the third floor!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oludeniz- There should be songs written about this place!

Oludeniz is indescribably beautiful! 
This picture of my husband and I enjoying the view, was taken by my good friend Asli, over the weekend.
The setting is incredible, the way the high mountains taper down into the crystal clear waters of Oludeniz. Every day, no matter the weather conditions, you are guaranteed a spectacular view. Of course the Best view is from above! Oludeniz is a haven for Paraglidingers and Babadag at almost 2000m is a world renowned take off destination all year round.

Some days the the sea is a bit choppy but on other days like yesterday, its as calm and as still as a lake! Its especially lovely now in November, when the beach is less crowded. I love summer and I love the tourists, I mean I am a foreigner, and this is a touristic destination after all, but there is a certain amount of gratification having the beach to ourselves.
The weather is very favorable this time of the year and although its a bit chilly for me, many people still swim! Its nice to pack a little picnic and head to the beach for a few hours. Its warm enough in the sun, and sitting around with good friends, some snacks and maybe a beer or two its not long till we pull up our skirts and show some leg😉
The kids play in the sand or on the grass with their friends. If we haven't already arranged to meet up with our friends, its almost guaranteed that we will run into someone we know there. If not, its a perfect opportunity to make new ones.
Everyones out and about. Its great to see all the little fishing boats scattered around the bay! Lots of new families taking their babies for a stroll along the promenade. Mom, getting some much needed fresh air and Dad, proudly pushing the stroller or running after the little terrors. I mean babies, and on the beach, someones throwing a stick for the loyal family dog. Many people bring their kayaks and stand up paddles and do a little tour around the bay. life here on Sundays is idyllic really. Like a picture postcard!

We are really lucky to live here and I am grateful everyday for this opportunity. I wouldn't want my daughter growing up any where else! There is a sense of freedom here that I haven't felt anywhere else. I love the fact that I'm not constantly looking over my shoulder to see where my daughter is or what she's doing,or who shes talking to. I love being able to leave my bag and picnic basket and go for a walk knowing that it will still be there when I return.
Living here in Fethiye and having the opportunity to come to Oludeniz is most definitely a great reason to smile!


Monday, November 14, 2016


Jack Frost has been out and about in the mornings here in Paradise. I know! SHOCK! HORROR! So its time once again to bring out the long sleeve tops, jackets, hats, scarves and Fluffy socks. Well not thick woolly ones! Its not that cold! but after a summer where temperatures reached mid 40's for weeks on end, this is well...cold! We complain all summer about how hot it is, and that we cant wait for winter and now its almost here,and we are already bitching and moaning about how cold its gonna be. What can I say? Its human nature not to be satisfied hey?
One of the great things about winter of course, is Pajama Days. Where you just curl up on the couch with a duvet and some hot drink and just veg.
My daughter is finally old enough now to actually sit through a whole movie without asking a million questions and without demanding me to get up and get her something. In-fact, I, can now be the lazy demanding but lovable;) princess! She can now bring ME snacks and remote controls and stuff.
Dont get me wrong it don't abuse my position or anything but I've waited a long time for this :) and if I get her to bring the chocolate or popcorn or some other snack I do share! Promise.
In all seriousness though, I love to cuddle up with her and have some down time in our PJ's and fluffy socks and watch her favorite movie - she has just discovered High School Musical. Heaven help me!(I feel I'm gonna break out in song any minute now!)

 Some one else who loves to snuggle up with a fluffy sock is Marco!
He is the reason we had to go and buy some new socks and he just couldn't resist Stella's old ones! Its like his blankie now. He will search it out and drag it onto the couch or bed and nuzzle it till he sleeps😂😂😂😂

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Greys is Family!

The first time I was introduced to Grey's was in 2007 when a friend couldn't shut up about it. She was literally obsessed and was always looking for sites to download or watch it on. I didn't get it to be honest, I thought she was crazy. Sorry Kerstin:) ... any way fast forward a year or two, I'm visiting my family in South Africa. Moms at work. Sister is a kick ass Nurse, working shifts at the hospital and I'm stuck at home with a 3 month old. Babies are great and of course I love my daughter but between all the crying, pooping, burping, washing and crying it doesn't leave much time for sight seeing or relaxing as one would expect to do on holidays.

On hearing that I hadn't seen Grey's Anatomy my Mom and Sister almost hyperventilated! It was a sacrilege and something that had to be rectified immediately. Luckily for me, my sister had a box set of the first 3 SEASONS... YAY!
I was tentative... I inserted the DVD at sat down with a load of washing to fold next to me. And thats where they stayed. In the basket on the couch!
I was hooked!
I didn't do anything from then on (and basically every week its been on since). I didn't do anything the whole day. Well anything that wasn't technically a necessity!
Roll on to 2016 and season 13 and now its a part of me.
We have survived deaths McDreamy, McSteamy, Lexy and Danny, I need to insert a shit load of crying emojis here! and failed relationships - more crying emojis and great friendships!

Even though there are loads of crying emojis here it still manages to make me happy every week. Its my weekly stress relief. A good ol' cry and giggle every week to reset the hectic girly emotions. And every week when I'm ugly crying and my husband feels its safe to come back into the lounge he looks confused and slighty afraid:) asks why I keep watching when it makes me cry? and all through the bad seasons and not so great episodes, I still keep watching Why? Because Greys is Family:)

Not to mention the sound track! These are the top 

18 Songs That “Grey’s Anatomy” Ruined For You Forever